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About X-layout

Limited space, infinite layout.
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The Origin of Xlayout

The Xlayout team was created and invested by Zumei Group, who has been established in 2017, and dedicating in the field of home & office in years with self-independent product development and online and offline marketing channels. Zumei has been spending most inside work on Xlayout as a group sole brand In the post-corona era.

About Xlayout Team

The Xlayout team members, each takes different parts in product development & design, visual merchandising, marketing promotions, brand equity management, customer support, and marketplace operations.

Unlimited layout means endless border, and the xlayout team is multiplied by energetic elite employees, investors, distinguished industrial designers, and international distributors. KOLs and international distributors are increasingly approaching us for collaboration and participation. We can all create Xlayout's future together.

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Team Goals

The members of Xlayout team are heavy users of electronic products in high demand, they have specific requirement for a daily frequently used items in our life and working hours. They are perfectionist in desk setup and keen to create personal space. The Xlayout team is strongly obsessed with ultimate industrial classic.

The Xlayout design team is a team of endless creativity and excellence. We keep abreast of the fashion trends and stay true to ourselves, infusing luxury, practicality, multifunctionality, and customization into our product design, creating products that are unique and tasteful.

Material Selection

We continuously explore new materials to improve the durability of our products and meet the needs and preferences of different customers.

Modern Production

We are equipped with the latest production equipment and technology, achieving high efficiency and high standards in the production process.

Quality Inspection

All of our products must undergo multiple strict quality tests before leaving the factory, and we have zero tolerance for defective products.

After Service

We have a professional after-sales service team to solve problems for customers and continuously improve service quality and customer satisfaction.

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Xlayout Modern Production

Fully Integrated Production Base

High efficiency & High Standard
Xlayout Quality Inspection

Rigorous Quality Test

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