Desk Setup X-series Xlayout Desk Setup X-series Xlayout

Xlayout Desk Setup Series

Revolutionize the way of layout for your electronic equipments & desk accessories
Monitor stand Xlayoutmonitor stand Xlayout X-Central

Make multi-device storage in perfect order

X-Central Dual Foldable Monitor Stand
Tablet mount-Xlayouttablet mount Xlayout X-arm

Strong, meticulous, all-rounded

X-Arm Tablet Phone Holder for Desk
headphone stand-Xlayoutheadset stand Xlayout X-plant

Individual organizer, customizable aesthetics

X-Plant Headphone Stand with Display Box & Wireless Charger & Accessory Holder
Wrist rest-Xlayoutkeyboard wrist rest Xlayout X-turbo

Operate at full speed for ultimate comfort

X-Turbo Wrist Rest with Cooling Fans

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Tablet/Phone Holder Mount


Headphone Stand / Cell phone Charging Station


Dual Foldable Monitor Stand


Wrist Rest With Fan

Tablet Stand
All-rounded Rotation
Knob for
Tightness Adjustment
Rubberized Clamp
Wide Compatibility
Headphone Stand
10W Wireless
Fast Charging
Luminous Vertical
Display Box
Headphone Stand
On Top
Monitor Stand
With USB 3.0 Hub
Multi-color RGB
Lighting Modes
Foldable Legs
Double-Layer Stand
Wrist Rest
Cooling Fans
Angle Adjustable
Rounded Joint
Lighting Modes
wrist rest X-turbo use displaykeyboard wrist rest  X-turbo use display


Angle adjustable wrist rest brings cool breeze to your hands
Designed to fit all kinds of keyboards
desk monitor stand X-center use displayMonitor stand X-center use display


Foldable dual monitor stand features storage drawer,
phone &tablet holder, RGB lighting mode, and USB 3.0 Hub.
desk monitor stand X-center use displaytablet stand X-arm use display


360 degree rotating tablet &phone comes with flexible joints
Allow you to set your device freely.
headphone stand X-plant use displayheadset stand X-plant use display


Multifunctional organizer on your desk
For headphone, earphone, cellphone, smartwatch, decorative accessories.
Desk setup background XlayoutXlayout Desk Setup Background

Why XLayout?

Xlayout is a design brand that born in the post pandemic era and focused on home, living, office, desk setup.
An individual desk setup keeps your desk organized and improves your performance.

The Xlayout design team are a group of tech savvies heavily addicted by personal electronic devices with unique insights into desk setup.
They are able to provide a technological and personalized home office for making your own immersive experience,
bring the visual effect to next level with unlimited possibilities.