X-Arm Flexible Tablet & Phone Mount Holder
X-Arm Flexible Tablet & Phone Mount Holder
X-Arm Flexible Tablet & Phone Mount Holder
X-Arm Flexible Tablet & Phone Mount Holder
X-Arm Flexible Tablet & Phone Mount Holder
X-Arm Flexible Tablet & Phone Mount Holder
X-Arm Flexible Tablet & Phone Mount Holder
X-Arm Flexible Tablet & Phone Mount Holder
X-Arm Flexible Tablet & Phone Mount Holder
X-Arm Flexible Tablet & Phone Mount Holder
X-Arm Flexible Tablet & Phone Mount Holder
X-Arm Flexible Tablet & Phone Mount Holder
X-Arm Flexible Tablet & Phone Mount Holder

X-Arm Flexible Tablet & Phone Mount Holder

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Tablet/Phone mount features a double-arm overlapping storage structure, saving valuable space on your desk. The 360° rotating ball head and main arm provide an all-around viewing angle, ensuring optimal visibility from any position. Compatible with devices ranging from 5.5 to 12.9 inches, the durable clamp securely holds your device in place.



Customer Reviews

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"Amazing Tablet Mount!" - IG @SamuelNarbuada

With my decade of experience as a tech creator, I have never seen a tablet mount as good as the X-ARM! I love X Layout's product with its well-made quality and modern design. It is definitely on a league of its own compared to other tablet mounts!

Best Tablet/Phone Mount

I was fortunate to review this beautifully-crafted mount and I can honestly say that it is definitely worth getting! If you're someone like me who spends hours on her desk and who uses her iPad often, this product was made for us. You can tell from the way it was built that Xlayout really considered the needs of their consumers. Everything is so well-thought of; thus, it is so convenient to use!

I highly recommend this to those who want to make their lives easier. I swear, you won't regret getting yourself one!


I always use my tablet for watching stuff/listening to music while working or looking up references while creating. So I’m so glad this sleek and premium tablet holder.
It’s very versatile, flexible and convenient. 🤍 The best features for me is how sturdy and long arms are allowing your device to be adjusted in various positions and angles. You can also effortlessly switch between landscape and portait modes in an instant. Plus, you can clamp it to your table, desk risers, or even your shelves!👌✨ 10/10 would recommend!

Tablet Phone Rotatable Tower

Powerful X-Arm

Immerse yourself in a world of unrivaled aesthetics and usability with the sleek acrylic panel, dynamic rotating joints, and exquisite details of the X-Arm.

This remarkable innovation effortlessly blends style and functionality, elevating your experience to new heights.

tablet mount detail

Colorful Frame

Break the monotony of metal materials with the vibrant frame, created through a reoxidation process.

Add a touch of color and personality to your setup.

ipad stand Reoxidation Process

360° All-Round Adjustable

Effortlessly switch between landscape and portrait mode in just one second, allowing you to adapt to your preferred viewing orientation.

ipad mount 360° Rotatable Ball Head

Stable and Flexible

The desk phone holder ensures stability and flexibility, keeping your device securely in various positions and angles.

Say goodbye to dropping or sliding mishaps.

ipad arm mount Angle Adjustment

Enchanting Ticking Sound

Spin the main arm by hand and experience the delightful ticking sound produced by the built-in gear structure.

It's like winding up a watch, creating a sense of nostalgia and adding a unique touch to your setup.

tablet stand 360° Rotating Gear Structure with 'Tick' Sound

Reliable Stability

Secure the phone holder by tightening the bolt from below, ensuring a sturdy and reliable attachment to the edge.

The clamp-on base takes up minimal space on your desk, giving you more room to work and create.
tablet holder clamp

Effortless Accessibility

Our innovative magnetic design revolutionizes the way you organize your desk.

Attach stylus pens and other small items with ease, keeping your essential tools within reach and your space clutter-free.

iPad stand Magnetic Areatablet holder package includes
General Information
916 g/ 2.02 lbs
1.5 kg/ 3.3 lbs
Acrylic, Silicone, Aluminium Alloy
Black/ Silver
Assemble Required
12.9 inches
5.5-6.8 inches
Less Than 5.5cm (2.17 inches)
2 kg (4.4 lbs)
Angle Range
360° Rotatable
360° Rotatable


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